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Irish Baby Names For Girls

The Most Beautiful Irish Names For Baby Girls

baby girl shoes

If you're feeling a bit inspired by your Irish heritage or just love everything Ireland, consider naming your sweet baby with a beautiful Irish name. There are so many Irish monikers for both boys and girls to choose from, but these picks are especially beautiful for baby girls. Give her a name inspired by the lucky Irish, and she might even thank you later for the gift of such a gorgeous and treasured name!

  1. Aibreann
  2. Aideen
  3. Aileen
  4. Aine
  5. Aisling
  6. Alannah
  7. Alma
  8. Aurina
  9. Bidelia
  10. Bree
  11. Brenna
  12. Brianna
  13. Bridget
  14. Cait
  15. Caitlin
  16. Cara
  17. Ciara
  18. Colleen
  19. Courtney
  20. Decla
  21. Deirdre
  22. Delaney
  23. Doireann
  24. Duff
  25. Duvessa
  26. Eileen
  27. Eimear
  28. Eithne
  29. Elaine
  30. Elisha
  31. Emir
  32. Erin
  33. Esther
  34. Fallon
  35. Farrah
  36. Fiona
  37. Fionnuala
  38. Grainne
  39. Geraldine
  40. Glenda
  41. Gleneen
  42. Hadley
  43. Hagen
  44. Holly
  45. Ide
  46. Iona
  47. Juno
  48. Kathleen
  49. Keela
  50. Kiera
  51. Kyna
  52. Maeve
  53. Maire
  54. Maolisa
  55. Meara
  56. Moira
  57. Mona
  58. Neala
  59. Nessa
  60. Neve
  61. Niamh
  62. Nola
  63. Noreen
  64. Orla
  65. Orlaith
  66. Quinn
  67. Radha
  68. Regan
  69. Rionach
  70. Roisin
  71. Saoirse
  72. Sinead
  73. Sorcha
  74. Tara
  75. Tierney
  76. Una
  77. Viona
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