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Parents With Picky Eaters Will Lose Their Sh*t Watching This Kraft Thanksgiving Ad

Although we often get hyped up at the thought of our completed Thanksgiving feast sitting on the dinner table just waiting to be Instagrammed, anyone with kids knows that in reality, that thought is much more of a daydream. And Kraft's brand-new commercial is here to inject our turkey-filled fantasy with a heavy dose of reality, because as parents know, some kids won't even touch most of the home-cooked food you churn out.

The hilariously snarky narrator — aka most moms on Thanksgiving — points out that while it'd be weird to eat canned cranberry sauce and green bean casserole any other day of the year, picky eaters object to eating them even on Turkey Day.

So in the spirit of being truly grateful, the mom whips out a container of Easy Mac for her child, "because you're more likely to enjoy your yams — which are covered in marshmallows, for some reason — if my kids are sitting quietly, enjoying the two things in the world they like: (1) mac and (2) cheese." All we can say is fair enough!

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