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Mom Breastfeeding While Fixing Truck Engine

Don't Mind This Mom, She's Just Breastfeeding While Fixing a Truck Engine

The latest case for normalizing breastfeeding comes from inside a motor vehicle. That's right, Paris Love shared a photo of herself nursing her 16-month-old son while sitting on the truck engine and replacing its carburetor.

"It makes me feel proud and loved every time I see it," she said of the image, which has gone viral. "It was a brief second in our day, but [my fiancé] loved us enough to take the picture and share it . . . I'm proud of our family. We're expecting baby #2 in July, and I assume there will be many similar moments in our lives. Moms are busy people, and we don't always have the ability to stop everything. Motherhood is multitasking. Breastfeeding just makes you a better multitasker."

That settles it. Pack up your desks, mamas: it appears we've officially normalized breastfeeding! Our job is done!

Image Source: Paris Love
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