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This Surrogate Accidentally Gave Birth to Her Own Baby — What Happened Next Is Mind-Blowing

When Jessica Allen was given the option to become a surrogate, she jumped at the opportunity. She already had two kids of her own, and she'd be giving a couple the chance to start their own family. Plus, the $30,000 payout didn't hurt: she could finally become a stay-at-home mom and save a little cash to buy a house. Everything went smoothly until she got the news that one of the twins she gave birth to was actually her biological child.

Jessica, now a mother of three, explained how she was nervous when she found out she was having twins just six weeks after being told that she was pregnant with one baby. But fortunately for Jessica, the "Lius" (a pseudonym for the family whose baby she's carrying) were over the moon with the news.

"I was a bit scared, but I heard the Lius were thrilled to be having twins," Jessica said in an interview with The New York Post. "My $30,000 payment, including expenses — which I received in installments by check each month — was increased by $5,000 for the second child. Not once during the pregnancy did any of the medical staff provided by the agency say that the babies were in separate sacs. As far as we were concerned, the transferred embryo had split in two and the twins were identical."


Jessica delivered the "twins" and noticed something unsettling: the babies looked absolutely nothing alike. Mrs. Liu agreed and a month after giving birth, Jessica learned that one of the twins, Max, was actually her biological son. How did this happen? A very rare case of superfetation, or when a woman who's already carrying a child gets pregnant again. And according to Jessica, it was definitely not planned, since the pair had used condoms.

What followed was an extremely lengthy — and expensive — custody battle between the Allens, the Lius, and the agency that set up the surrogacy, Omega Family Global. Despite initially being sued for damages, the Allens walked away from the lawsuit only paying for their lawyer's fee and with their son in tow. Talk about a wild story.

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