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Mom's Video in School Drop-Off Line

If You Hate the School Drop-Off Line, You Are Going to Love This Mom's Curbside Rant

If your mornings now involve sitting impatiently in a stalled line of cars outside your kid's school, we've got something to distract you until it's your turn to push your child out of the passenger seat before slamming on the gas.

Writer Susannah B. Lewis recorded a hilarious video rant of her own experience driving her son and daughter to school.

From watching kids struggling with seatbelts ("This ain't Days of Thunder, they could have unstrapped way back there. We're not rolling through here at 75 miles per hour!") to marveling at moms with no lack of urgency ("We've been at school a week, and she is still taking pictures of him walking into this building. Lord!"), she covers every annoying thing that could possibly happen curbside.


At one point, she gets so awkwardly close to getting out of her vehicle, pounding on a fellow mom's window, and telling her to move up, but she stops herself: "I would if I wasn't sitting here in pajamas and hadn't brushed my teeth. I sure would!"

Sure, Susannah's hilarious clip won't make your drop-off routine any less annoying, but at least you'll have a few more one-liners to mutter under your breath while you wait.

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