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Why I Held My Son Up by One Leg at Target

It had to be done. I had no other choice.

Let me explain why I had to hold my son up by one leg in the middle of Target . . .

Just yesterday I found myself at Target. I had somehow managed to find a shopping cart that didn't have a squeaky wheel. I was so proud of myself. And because it didn't squeal like an upset child the whole way down the aisle, I had high hopes for my little shopping trip.

Owen sat sweetly in the front of the cart as I began to look at all of the different cards and party supplies. As I passed red balloons and bright green and blue gift bags, I noticed the bright fluorescent lights and elevator-sounding music that was playing. Owen didn't seem to notice. He was too busy playing with his little black seat belt. I turned my attention back to the party supplies. And for a whole minute I peacefully enjoyed all the different party options.

Owen was being quiet. That should have been my first clue.

If you are a mother, then you know that when there is silence, a mother's attention is needed. But by the time my eyes found Owen, he was escaping from his seat like a little wiggle worm. In a split second, he was standing up in the front of the cart, backward, and trying to break free from his seat belt! When I started to grab him, I had to unbuckle him in order to help him not be stuck.


If Owen could talk, I know he would have yelled, "Freedom!" Because the moment I unfastened his seat belt, he jumped. He dove toward the back of the cart head first as he tried to make his escape.

I literally caught him by one leg.

It had to be done. I had no other choice. I had to grab my son by one leg and hold him up midair. There I was, holding my 9-month-old upside down in the middle of Target.

Half snickering to myself, the rhyme, "Catch a tiger by his toe . . . " came to mind. But before I burst into laughter, I started freaking out. What if someone saw me? I could just imagine someone speaking over the intercom, "Crazy mom on aisle three! Get her!"

Thankfully no one saw our little stunt.

AmandaFreeman1386815582 AmandaFreeman1386815582 3 years
when my son was just starting to scootch around i would sit on the bed with him and pull him back before he could scootch off the bed. there was one time i didnt catch him in time and he went head first and i almost threw up. he looked like a rag doll as he his the floor. i cried more than he did! but of course hes now 10months and perfectly ok getting ready to walk :)
Janna15098717 Janna15098717 3 years
Haha, I think it is wonderful that you caught him! I've done it many times in verious situations with my little ones. My husband once caught our toddler after he climbed up onto the side of the dresser and fell backwards. It's instinctive, when you see them falling or about to fall to catch them any way you can, be it ankle, shirt, arm, or even snatching hold of their pants and sliding them away from something is all better than having an injured child. I remember my mother throwing an arm out over my chest when she had to throw on the breaks. Amazing isn't it? Don't feel down for those of you who have had an accident or two, especially first time mothers. We just don't realize how fast and cunning they can be, like little monkeys climbing and leaping! My little man is almost 1 (I have 3 and raised another for 8 months) and I am still awed by their intelligence. He is not climbing yet, but I practice "feet first" helping him get down from me to the floor and shower him with praise every time he amazes me.
JenniferShields3556 JenniferShields3556 4 years
OMG! Its to funny and ya if someone would have seen her she probly would have had alot of people thinkin she was hurtin him. But I now exactly where u come from my son did almost the same but he was sittin in the back and decided he was geting out while i was pullin the cart behind me.he almost took a nose dive into the floor at walmart i just caught his leg as he was goin down. would have been a blood scean if i hadn't caught him.
JamieHeald1363742235 JamieHeald1363742235 4 years
Though this is not a "Target Cart" issue, my 2 year old son just recently about 5 days ago gave me my first major heart attach!! My Husband and I recently finished fencing in our whole back yard. We worked really hard and quick so that my son could have the whole back yard to run and play. That day, we had been working outside on the tractor and yard work and such. I came across one of the gates that did not close unless you lift it up a little to make it latch. Long story a little shorter, we got done with our work and was going to go to dinner or just for a ride so I went in to take a shower and I assumed my Husband was putting my son in the tub since he had started drawing him a bath (Silly me, I know!). After I was thru, I came out to pick up a few toys and my Husband came in from the back yard saying the video camera died. I looked out in the yard and didn't see him. I asked where he was. He says, he's right out there. I went down the steps, don't see him ANYWHERE...AND...a gate is open! I run out to the road look up , look down, nothing. I start calling his name hoping his little head would just pop out of the grass or something. Nothing.. My Husband comes out near the road so I ran back towards the yard thinking and hoping I must have just not seen him! Panic is running through me by now, screaming his name, the neighbors probably thought I was nuts! A few minutes have gone by, scuffling around my house then I hear "I found him" ! I see my Husband walking towards out "new" neighbors house so I run down and there's my son just exploring the neighbor's front yard checking out the hose and flowers and whatnot! My Husband just went over and picked him up and turned back around and walked down their driveway. I ran up and just grabbed him and squeezed him all the way back to our house till we were in an EXTREMELY safe, locked in place!!
christinefretz christinefretz 4 years
Been there done that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Denise3736757 Denise3736757 4 years
Well I must be the "bad mommy" cause my baby did fall out of the cart in Target when she was about 2. I was clear on the other side of the cart when she fell and could not get around quick enough. I would have been happy to have caught a leg! Thankfully she was not hurt but I sure did look around to see if anyone had seen my very very awful mommy moment.
MargaretCreelman MargaretCreelman 4 years
Nice catch!
MeghanCarter MeghanCarter 4 years
When my oldest daughter, now 11, was just about 2 she tried climbing the baby gate at t. Top of the stairs at my moms house(about 8 stairs) she ended going for a ride on the gate about half way down wasnt hurt but dcared the poop out of herself. I couldnt grab the gate and pull it and her up and I couldnt pick her up normally as she was still laying on the gate some how it was stuck mid stair case. The only way I could grab her was her ankle so with one hand I'm holding the railing so I don't fall on top of her my feet are pressed against the walls my mom is holding the back of my shirt as I'm bending over and I grab her by the ankle and pick her up. Sometimes you have to holdbthem in what other people would consider a bad way to prevent them getting hurt. If she had continued her ride she would have cracked her head on the front door.
aliceberry45528 aliceberry45528 4 years
I remember shopping with all 3 of my oldest was 5, then a 3 yr old and a 2 yr old. It was crazy at times...but I managed. I did have one small problem, the 3 yr old stoled some candy as I was checking out. Seen it when we got to the car, took all 3 back into the store, had him tell the cashier and manager he was sorry...and he had to pay for it. (my change, but he thought it was his. We explained that things cost money and if did not have any, that meant you did not get it.) You just never know what is going to happen when yo have kids shopping...but now a days it is so much worst, for people are out to take your children, so please be careful when shopping...scares me now that I have grandkids....
MarcieLightwood MarcieLightwood 4 years
There was a picture of a mom holding her son by the ankle with a caption, "Idiot... some people should not be allowed to have kids." It made the rounds of FaceBook just two days ago. Folks are so worried about being judged, they feel they have to explain everything. Let's just take it easy on parents. It's a hard job.
RachelHeng63810 RachelHeng63810 4 years
kids are so fast we can't seem to keep up with them! i have also caught my very active little ones at very funny angles/limbs/fabric. anything to keep them safe! well, not just the little ones, even the "old" ones needs saving at times. i have grabbed ankles, fingers, shoes, clothes, the sling of their water bottles, back packs, and even hair to pull them back to safety. well, we all have a good laugh after that about how funny it looked at that point in time becuase everyone is safe and sound. we would all be crying if otherwise. so who cares where we grab them! as long as we grab them in time and keep them safe that's most important! and we can all laugh together after that. =)
Lisa-Briggs Lisa-Briggs 4 years
This is kind of a non-story... but I get why you wrote it Ashley, you probably only have 1 kid, or maybe 2, and you thought the entire world of Target thought you were a bad mom. That they posted a photo of you in front of the store with the words BAD MOM written below your mug shot... But you're not. You're a good mom. The bad mom would have been the one that DIDN'T catch her kid as he sailed head first off the cart. Because believe me we all walk through Target hoping for that one minute of peace when you can inspect a completely unnecessary item, like a set of stacking glass beverage jars, and envision yourself hosting a posh patio party (for adults) wearing something not purchased at Target...but I digress.. so hats off to you for putting yourself out there and taking on the haters. Because they are abundant, and haters like Magdalena14545038 are why I don't blog about my family with 4 kids and the insane things I live through each and every day. Hang in there lady, you're a good mom.
KelseeFlatland1367451687 KelseeFlatland1367451687 4 years
So glad you have fast enough reflexes to have caught your child, even by the leg! I guess it's a mom thing, I'll know soon enough! Also, thank you for sharing your story, some people are wondering why you would, but I appreciate it, every one needs a little humor now and then :)
themommy1 themommy1 4 years
I'm a mother of 5 so I know you do anything to try to keep your child from getting injured.! Around the beginning of this year, my 3 year old was in the cart part of our buggy and my 1 year old was strapped in the front. We were at the check out at Wal-Mart when the cashier spun the bag rack around making the bag with his toy in it more accessible to him (3 year old) as I was paying he reached for it the cart moved and he started to go over head first.! I screamed & swung my arm over fast enough to catch him by his shirt and waist line of his pants! I was scared, everyone was staring, he had this shocked look on his face but at least I caught him before he landed on his head.! When you have little ones sometimes you catch them in awkward positions when trying to save them from getting hurt and possibly even having to get stitches or staples! Great job on catching your little man before he got hurt.!
Naomi14588828 Naomi14588828 4 years
Magdalena sounds like an idiot with too much time on her hands!
CarolG55394 CarolG55394 4 years
Magdalena14545038 you were not there so don't tell someone what they should a done when you were not there to see it happen. At least you got you attention you were seeking. For Ashley I know how it is to have children and you never know from one to the next what to expect. I'm glad you caught him in time :)
BrendaHagerman BrendaHagerman 4 years
Wow some of your are weird like we never make a mistake as a parent can not and are not perfect and if our child gets hurt we beat ourselves those of you who have an issue with this proably have no children or you keep them in a bubble.......Man just glad little guy is okay. THE REST OF YOU GROW UP!!!!!!
NicoleMackenzie NicoleMackenzie 4 years
@ georgiesmith88330 - because EVERY company follows EVERY policy to the letter, right? Come up to London Ontario Target... Music playing there all the time, especially at their grand openings! because it comes through the mall speaker systems... Just sayin... @ Magdalena14545038 - REALLY? Judging someone that harshly over a simple comment makes you sound like the crazy one, just sayin'. I notice the squeaky carts... drives me nuts too, DH will actually put them BACK and get a new one if they squeak or wobble too much. sorry sister, but with a totally rigged "eanie meanie miney moe" I say "Out you must go!" cuz I would have giggled over the "catch a tiger by that toe" too! and no matter how bad he hollered never let them go ;) @ Ashley - Good On ya! great catch its amazing the reflexes we have when we arent thinking about it. Your Owen sounds like my Mac and if he is... well I will pray for you... remember the ER is your friend, and know the signs of concussion mild and severe by heart LOL
MandyVickery MandyVickery 4 years
Yep, I had to catch my 3 year old daughter by her ankle on an escalator as she was mucking around and fell backwards......I had my hands full, so had to drop everything and just got her by the ankle to stop her going further down! She had scratch marks down her back, but if I hadn't caught her she would've been a lot worse off!
chrysaliswhite chrysaliswhite 4 years
I think every mom has had to do something that another parent, or more likely a person who doesnt have kids would gawk at!! I think this is a great story and it definatley tells the truth about being anywhere with a child under the age of two!! It is so hard and they are such escape artists and monkeys during this stage in life!! Great work catching him in time before any other dirty work was done! 1 mom 0 kid!! lol
DevynMcKay DevynMcKay 4 years
People like this "Magdalena" woman need to WAKE UP. You must be a horrible mother unless this is just some sort of joke you planned to piss people off, but now all it's done is completely bash your name. Good thing us moms don't know you personally... At least she caught him BOTTOM LINE! Kids, especially boys are rambunctious at times. And it's like who cares about the shopping cart ordeal ugh like I said grow up and get a life. @magdalena14545038 I MUST SAY I FEEL SORRY FOR YOUR KIDS, HUSBAND/WIFE, BOYFRIEND/ GIRLFRIEND OR WHATEVER YOU HAVE AND I DEFINITELY FEEL SORRY FOR YOU!!!!
GeorgetteToto1370828773 GeorgetteToto1370828773 4 years
I have had a similar experience, this made me laugh it is a shame that we have to worry about who is watching and what they might have to say … but I really loved the part of Owen yelling FREEDOM if he could have talked…. The things we mom's deal it!!! Oh and btw Magdalena14545038, Things can run through a mind in a matter of a split second, the mind works and any super computer with brute5 force. so really who is the crazy one here, you might want to check into why your mind does not move that fast, an why it can not roam several things at once like a none squeaky cart to the color of the party supplies....
JanetteRehua JanetteRehua 4 years
I recently received one of those (apparently joke) emails with a string of pictures of parents and kids. On of the pics was a Mum holding up her toddler by one leg and it was in a shopping centre the caption was ridiculing her as a bad Mother. I didnt share it I just deleted it because who knows what the situation really was in the split second that the picture was taken.
wolfcat87 wolfcat87 4 years
Good catch, georgiesmith88330
georgiesmith88330 georgiesmith88330 4 years
Nice story, but they don"t play music in Target, it's against company policy, you are lying!
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