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Wine-Pocket Ugly Christmas Sweater

There's a Christmas Sweater That Fits an Entire Bottle of Wine, and Take My Money Now

We've come a long way from the days of plain ol' reindeer- and snowman-covered ugly Christmas sweaters. This is 2017, after all, and we could use something a little edgier to really help us cope with the holiday stress (and the stress from this entire roller coaster of a year, for that matter). That's why we nearly lost our sh*t when we found out that a wine-bottle-holding sweater exists out there on the internet. #Blessed is an understatement.

Tipsy Elves (what a name, am I right?) currently sells this glorious Christmas sweater, which features a prominent stocking-shaped pocket that fits an entire bottle of wine. How genius is that?! Not down to fork over $85 to purchase it from Tipsy Elves? You can either score it on Amazon for a little cheaper or roll up your sleeves and make your very own wine-holding sweater by following our nifty how-to video.

If you need me this Christmas season, you can find me sipping chugging Pinot Grigio from my wine-pocket sweater while dodging my family's continuous questioning about my lack of a boyfriend. Thank you, Tipsy Elves, for this tacky yet oh-so-necessary gift from the heavens.


Tipsy Elves Wine-Pocket Christmas Sweater ($85)

Tipsy Elves Wine-Pocket Christmas Sweater
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