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How to Increase Your Social Media Presence

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Stealing a few moments for social media is everyone's guilty pleasure these days, so we partnered with fruitwater on this post that asks the question: are you spending too much time online?

Mastering the social media art of gaining followers and maintaining a steady flow of interaction can be seriously tiring. Are you sharing too much? Not posting enough? And do you need to snap a pic of every beautiful cup of coffee you ingest? All legit questions and concerns when molding an empire of your own. Take our personality quiz to find out what type of social user you are — and a few savvy tips for maintaining (or growing) your number of followers.

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Someone just followed you on Twitter. What do you do?

Follow back, of course.
Check out the person's profile.
Who cares?
Send an instant thank-you IM.
@ them something nice.

Pick an Instagram snap from your weekend:

How much time do you spend on social media sites (don't lie!):

All day and all night.
A couple of hours.
As often as I can.
Before and after work.
It's all I do on my phone.
Mostly evenings.

Pick YOUR site:

How often do you post to social media?

A couple of times a day.
I'm on Twitter right now.
10 times daily.
Maybe once a day.
I only check to stay updated.
After work.

What's your hashtag?


Your Pinterest boards are filled with pictures of what?

Your relationship status changes. What do you do?

Instantly update my Facebook status.
Celebrate — or cry.
Tweet to the world #OMG.
Create a Tumblr page filled with GIFs.
Hit up my favorite sites to share the news.
Go out with friends.

Pick a selfie: