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The Daily Show Destroys GOP's All-Male Healthcare Panel

Watch 1 Woman Hilariously Destroy the GOP's All-Male Healthcare Panel

Do you know whose input and support was glaringly absent from the American Health Care Act, a bill that could negatively impact millions of women? You guessed it! Women.

The American Health Care Act, a bill labeling sexual assault and C-sections as preexisting conditions, was passed last week with 217 "yes" votes coming from men and only five from women. And to make matters worse, the Senate GOP followed suit with yet another embarrassingly sexist move, forming a healthcare panel to rewrite the American Health Care Act without adding a single woman to the decision-making group — again.

So who is on this newly formed GOP panel, you ask? Well, it's made up of 13 men . . . and a whopping total of zero women.

Comedian Michelle Wolf recently appeared on The Daily Show to hilariously explain precisely what is wrong with the GOP's misogynistic approach to health care and even came prepared with her own strategy to run these men out of Washington entirely. Wolf opened up her segment by first comparing the American Health Care Act to a line from a Notorious B.I.G. song ("f*ck b*tches, get money"), before ripping into the GOP bill's attempt to turn irregular periods into a preexisting condition. "Quick glimpse into a lady's life — every period is an irregular period," Wolf said. "It's not like a paycheck where it arrives at the same time every month. Your period is more like an outdoor cat. You know it's gonna come back at some point, but you're not sure when, and you have no idea what it's gonna have in its mouth. The only thing regular about a period is that it sucks."

Wolf concluded by outlining her strategy to freak out men in government: show up to Washington and talk about our periods until they all hightail it out of town. "We just need to go into Congress and talk about periods. The men will disappear like a boner when you smell Grandma. And then us women can handle this sh*t ourselves." Sounds like a solid plan.

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