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Hillary Clinton Criticized For Shouting and Not Smiling

You Won't Believe Why Men Criticized Hillary Clinton After Her Big Election Wins

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After sweeping another Super Tuesday by winning the majority Democratic vote in all five states, one might expect Hillary Clinton to be lauded for such an accomplishment by political experts. But instead, the presidential hopeful and former secretary of state faced the sort of sexism familiar to many of her contemporaries. Male critics across social media chided Clinton for "shouting" during her victory speech, urging her to smile and use a more "conversational" tone when speaking to her supporters.

These comments — much like the smugly uttered "You'd look so much prettier with a smile on that face" remarks familiar to many women who've dared rest their faces on public transit or the walk to work — are exactly the sort used frequently to silence and belittle women. One tweet in particular by MSNBC host Joe Scarborough has caused the most controversy.

After receiving flack for his tweet, Scarborough dubbed women's angry responses "fake outrage," which garnered even more criticism.

To have such comments echoed by White House media correspondents like Glenn Thrush was frustrating (to put it mildly) for Clinton's female and feminist-thinking peers. Their supportive responses, which have thankfully begun to outnumber the original critiques of Hillary's speech, lampooned the inherent sexism of such statements.

Clinton, who has yet to comment on these statements from her male critics, chose instead to thank voters for their support. But we've got a great response in mind for the next time somebody tells her to quiet down and smile . . .

And after seeing all the people who rushed to support her, we imagine her reaction goes a little something like this:

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