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Hillary Clinton Glass Ceiling Video at the DNC 2016

Hillary Clinton Surprises Supporters With a Must-See Video After Her Historic Nomination

Hillary Clinton was officially nominated as the Democratic candidate today, becoming the first female to secure the nomination for president of the United States. At the close of the DNC in Philadelphia — after her husband Bill Clinton gave a speech detailing her personal side — she appeared on screen to deliver a message.

"What an incredible honor you have given me — and I can't believe we just put the biggest crack in that glass ceiling yet," she said. "And if there are any little girls out there who stayed up late to watch, let me just say, I may become the first woman president, but you might be next."

Watch the full video, including a powerful glass-shattering moment that comes after photos of past male presidents; Clinton has used that glass-ceiling metaphor, used to describe barriers faced by women and minorities, throughout her campaign.

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