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Hillary Clinton's Speech at Champion For Girls Lunch NYC

Watch Hillary Clinton Make Light of Her Election Loss and Offer Inspiring Words For Girls

We're in New York City, where Hillary Clinton is receiving the Champion for Girls Award from Girls Inc.

Posted by CNN Politics on Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Nearly four months to the day after her election loss, Hillary Clinton took the stage once again to give a speech about empowering girls — and to make fun of what she's been doing since Nov. 8.

The former presidential candidate was speaking at a New York City luncheon celebrating women's achievement hosted by the nonprofit Girls Inc. She touched upon the importance of mentoring young girls so that they live up to their potential. "With your help, girls have become resilient in face of setbacks," she said. "Now the truth is, life hands all of us setbacks," she added before pausing and smiling as the room broke out in laughter.

"Now I've had my ups and downs; in the last months, I've done my share of sleeping, a little soul-searching and reflecting, long walks in the woods," she said, poking fun at all the times people spotted her hiking near her home in the Chappaqua, NY, after the election. "And in those moments, I've been thankful for own village, my community of family and friends that have encouraged me."

Clinton also talked about practicing gratitude no matter the circumstances and how it provides "the inner strength, even the stubbornness to keep showing up every day, to refuse to quit or give up in the face of any setback." Some of those setbacks include how women are still not seen as equal in areas such as science and politics. "Our work is far from over — in big ways and small, the unfinished business of the 21st century is the full equality of women," she said.

"Too often, young girls hear the message that they aren't good enough," Clinton added, but it's time to change that. We need to recognize "that women are both smart enough and good enough to be considered for anything they choose to pursue," and we need to send a message to every girl that she is valuable, powerful, and deserving of every chance and opportunity to pursue and achieve her own dreams.

Then, and only then, can have a better, fairer, stronger country. There are signs of hope, she said, including the Women's Marches in January "that galvanized the world."

"Let us hope there is a wave of young women running for office, and let's be sure we support them in every way we can," she said. "Let's help them shatter stereotypes and lift each other up. They are the history makers and glass ceiling breakers of tomorrow."

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