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How to Register to Vote

Take Our 10-Step Good Citizen Challenge

Can you remember an election as crazy as the 2016 race for president? Given the high stakes, it's crucial that each one of us participates by becoming as informed as possible. We've partnered with Rock the Vote to create this 10-step challenge that will help guide you through the political process no matter who you support — and the best part is you can refer to it long after this presidential election is over since it's applicable to state and local elections, too.

  1. Register to vote or confirm that you are registered
  2. Read up on candidate platforms on
  3. Watch a debate
  4. Read an article a week about the different issues at stake
  5. Narrow down your top candidate choices
  6. Follow your preferred candidate(s) on social media
  7. Share one of their posts on social media
  8. Volunteer around an issue that's important to you
  9. Write a letter to your representative about that issue
  10. Take the pledge to rock the vote at
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