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Jimmy Kimmel Segment on Donald and Melania Trump Handshake

Let's Sit Back and Cringe at Donald and Melania Trump's Awkward Handshake, Shall We?

Since taking office, Donald Trump has earned another notable title besides President of the United States — he's also been (unofficially) dubbed the King of Awkward Handshakes. To date, he's earned the title through numerous encounters in which he just can't seem to get the simple gesture correctly, though his latest handshake flub just might be the most cringe-worthy yet.

It all went down when First Lady Melania Trump introduced her husband to the crowd during a public address on Sept. 15 at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland. His response after walking across the stage to the podium? A freakin' handshake. You can almost feeling the discomfort burning through the screen when Trump reaches for her hand rather than going for a hug or smooch, and it only got worse when he nudged her off the stage afterward, saying, "You go sit down, honey." Yikes.

Of course, Jimmy Kimmel simply couldn't resist snatching up an opportunity to roast the awkward moment, and he did it oh-so-eloquently, calling the whole thing the "most uncomfortable display of affection between any husband and wife this year." But it didn't stop there, as he described Trump's handshake as shutting her down "like a robot from Westworld." Daaaamn.

Kimmel went on to give viewers a faux-sentimental "tribute" to Melania and Donald's longtime love, which included clips from their most notable displays of "affection," like that time she swatted his hand away and when she gave him a death stare that could penetrate glass at his inauguration. Watch Kimmel's entire segment above to see what else he had to say about the Trumps and their most recent cringe-worthy moment.

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