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John Oliver and Stephen Colbert on Trump

Is America "Turbo-F*cked" Over Trump's Continuing Russia Scandal?

John Oliver may be on break from his own late night TV show, but he made sure to share his brutally honest thoughts on Donald Trump Jr.'s most recent email scandal on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The two hosts sat down on Wednesday, July 12, and dove right into the recent scandal, joking about how Summer is typically a great time for late-night comedians like them to take off work because it's a "safe" slow news time.

When pointing out how utterly stupid Trump Jr.'s decision to share emails that revealed he was willing to meet with someone he was told was an agent of the Russian government in order to get dirt on Hillary Clinton really was, Oliver wondered how he could possibly think this was OK — and what it means for our country. "Well, this is something as long as we live in a world where something means anything, and I'm not sure we do anymore," he said. "It seems serious, but do we live in a world devoid of consequences now? I forget where we are in human history."

But that was just the beginning. Colbert pointed out how we're used to our country being split on policy issues such as abortion or taxes or "polarizing issues," but asked: "Have we come to a nation where colluding with a hostile foreign power to manipulate our election is a left, right thing?"

Oliver responded: "The very fact that you just said that sentence out loud shows that we are turbo-f*cked."

Colbert and Oliver wondered if the Trump family actually understands the magnitude of the Russia scandal. "Is it possible there's not a logical sequence of thoughts in their mind that have made them understand the gravity of the situation they're in? Are they just too dumb to realize what's happening?"

"And the answer is not definitely no," Oliver added.

Watch the clip above, and see why the hosts agree that this is a "roller-coaster time in American history."

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