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Jon Stewart on Anthony Weiner's Sexting Scandal | Video

Jon Stewart's Old Anthony Weiner Jokes Totally Still Apply

We miss The Daily Show With Jon Stewart for many reasons, especially when something ripe with comedic opportunity comes along that makes us want to cry, "Come back, Jon!" Anthony Weiner's latest sexting scandal is certainly one of these moments. Thankfully, though, we stumbled across Stewart's hilarious takes on the first time former Congressman Weiner was caught between a cell phone and a hard place. Unsurprisingly, all of the original jokes still apply.

The hilarious video above from Weiner's first scandal in 2011 will have you in stitches, especially when he references "copyright infringement" against Bill Clinton. Then there's this bit, from the very first time that Stewart discussed the scandal (and the size of the politician's private parts) that same year.

While it's unfortunate that Stewart has had so much past opportunity to lampoon Weiner's personal life on air considering that the two were close friends in college, we can't help but appreciate the funnyman's take on the drama given that it's oh so relevant yet again.

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