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Juno Spacecraft Photo of Jupiter's Cyclones

You've Never Seen a Photo of Jupiter — and Its Cyclones — Like This One

Even if you're not a fan of science, you've gotta admit this epic photo of Jupiter's south pole is insanely cool. The close-up photo was taken during NASA's six year Juno mission to Jupiter, and what the space agency discovered is just as fascinating as the colorful image itself. For one, those oval features you see on top of the Gas Giant planet are actually humongous cyclones that are about the same size as planet Earth.

The extensive Juno trip also included a measurement of the magnetic field of Jupiter, which turned out to be "twice as strong" as previously predicted by scientists and "10 times greater than the field that surrounds Earth," according to The Guardian.

There's still much more to discover about Jupiter, including whether or not it has a solid core. NASA scientists are reportedly planning to build a complete map of the planet's interior, which means we're about to learn a whole lot more about Jupiter. Get excited!

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