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Nicolle Wallace's Quotes on Donald Trump Jr. Comey Hearing

A Political Adviser Said Trump Jr. Criticizing Comey Is "Rich at Best and Pathetic at Worst"

A political commentator and former communications chief during the George W. Bush presidency had some harsh words for Donald Trump Jr. following James Comey's pivotal testimony. While appearing on MSNBC following the hearing, Nicolle Wallace said that Trump Jr. did not have the right to criticize the former FBI director when he himself is so morally corrupt.

Following the Senate intelligence hearing, Trump Jr. sent a series of tweets criticizing Comey and even blamed him for causing "10 months of nonsense."

Wallace, however, was inspired to call out the hypocrisy of Trump Jr.'s comments. "This idea, though, of the son as the only person sort of channeling his president and attacking the character of Comey I think speaks for itself," she said. "This is a president without a lot of defenders in Congress and without a lot of defenders in the law enforcement community. A normal White House on a day like today would have former attorney generals and former people in law enforcement sort of making legal arguments."

Wallace then delivered a serious diss when she said, "For a guy who kills baby elephants for kicks, to be giving James Comey a lesson in strength of character is rich at best and pathetic at worst."

The president, on the other hand, was noticeably quiet on Twitter until June 9, when Trump shared his first tweet since the hearing, shown below.

Wallace hasn't said anything (yet) about the president's tweet, but watch her entire takedown of Trump Jr. in the video above — it's pretty thrilling to watch.

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