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The Obama-Biden Bromance Is Still Alive and Well, and We've Never Missed It More

Just in case you'd somehow forgotten how beautiful the relationship between a president and his veep can be, Barack Obama is here to remind you of those far, far simpler times. On Nov. 20, the former president celebrated Joe Biden's birthday by tweeting a meme that's the perfect encapsulation of everything we love about their bromance. Riffing on the popular ME:/YOU: format, Obama tweeted, "ME: Joe, about halfway through the speech, I'm gonna wish you a happy birth--," followed by "BIDEN: IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!" and of course, the kicker: "ME: Joe." The tweet doesn't end there, though. "Happy birthday to @JoeBiden, my brother and the best vice president anybody could have," Obama adds at the end.

Though it feels like eons ago, it was just last year that Biden presented Obama with a friendship bracelet on his birthday, forever marking the two as the cutest pair in American history. And it would seem that based on Obama's tweet — a little nudge in the ribs at his overeager "brother" the bromance is still very much alive, just as Obama's chief of staff claimed back in May.

In contrast, it's also yet another reminder of a long-forgotten time when we weren't perpetually on the brink of catastrophe thanks to one certain Twitter user who really ought to learn his homophones. But at least we now know that we'll continue to have at least two days of happy Twitter a year, so long as these two keep up their antics. And honestly, we've never missed Barack Obama and Joe Biden quite as much as we do right now.

Image Source: Getty / Patrick Smith
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