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Old Trump Tweet About Obama and Louisiana Floods

This Old Tweet Sums Up Trump's Out-of-Touch Response to the Puerto Rico Crisis

As millions of Puerto Ricans continue to struggle with the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Maria, many have criticized the Trump administration for its lukewarm relief efforts. Though the Pentagon has sent military personnel to the storm-ravaged island and temporarily waived the Jones Act to ease the delivery of aid supplies, it's clear that US support was needed much sooner.

Over the weekend of Sept. 30, as conditions worsened in Puerto Rico, President Donald Trump spent time at his golf resort in New Jersey before attending the Presidents Cup tournament, where he dedicated a trophy to hurricane victims — a move widely derided by critics. Many were quick to denounce his presence at the tournament, and some even resurfaced one of his old tweets to prove just how contradictory it really was for him to be there.

Back in August 2016, Trump slammed then-President Barack Obama for going on a golfing trip instead of heading to Louisiana to assist with the catastrophic flooding there.


Fast forward to the present day, and Trump has done exactly what he condemned Obama for doing just one year ago. To be clear, Trump is scheduled to visit Puerto Rico on Oct. 3, but this begs the question, why not sooner? And it looks like many others have the same question in mind.

Image Source: Getty / Pool
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