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Room Full of Men Propose Women's Healthcare Cut

Here's a Room Full of Men Proposing Healthcare Cuts That Only Affect Women

President Donald Trump's administration is quite comfortable making decisions about women's health care without consulting any women — or at least, photographic evidence would suggest as much. In another totally unsurprising instance of Trump's team making sweeping decisions about women's lives without any women actually present, Mike Pence shared a photo of himself — surrounded by a room full of male congressmen from the Freedom Caucus — proposing to make drastic changes to insurance coverage.

Specifically, as Vox reporter Matthew Yglesias points out, the group was attempting to negotiate cutting breast cancer screening (like mammograms), maternity care, and contraceptive coverage from the House Republicans' proposed healthcare act. Under the American Health Care Act, GOP congressmen have debated whether to abandon Obamacare's essential health benefits stipulation, which includes care like mammograms.

People on Twitter were predictably incensed by the photo and the suggestion that health care shouldn't include female-specific care. Ahead are some reactions.

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