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Samantha Bee and Sasheer Zamata Black Future Month Video

Sasheer Zamata Confronts Technology's Racial Bias in This Spot-On Samantha Bee Segment

Because people have racial bias, so does the technology they create, and Sasheer Zamata explored that concept in a segment for Full Frontal With Samantha Bee on Wednesday night. The actress and Saturday Night Live alum combined her comedic nature with expert interviews for a brutally honest investigation into what the future could look like for black people. Turns out that's less like Black Panther and more like Black Mirror.

"Technology often gets used in service of other people's interests, not in the service of black people and our future, whether it's facial recognition or predictive policing," said Safiya Noble, professor and author of Algorithms of Oppression. The same can even be said for autonomous cars, which one recent study found only detect lighter skin tones. "We see bias in credit decisions, we see bias in terms of the ads we get to see. Even Snapchat couldn't recognize my face," added Y-Vonne Hutchinson, CEO of ReadySet.

"Maybe we should start investing in black women rather than black turtlenecks," Zamata said, an obvious (and fair) nod to Elizabeth Holmes's massive fraud case. Watch the clip above.

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