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Sean Spicer on Trump Inauguration Crowd Size on Jimmy Kimmel

Sean Spicer Was Just as Confused by Those Inauguration Crowd Claims as You Were

Sean Spicer made the first stop on his unofficial unemployment press tour on Sept. 13, stopping by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to discuss his short-lived tenure as press secretary. Though his appearance was generally a lighthearted one, Kimmel did press him on the president's tweeting habits, his portrayal on Saturday Night Live, and the truth about those inauguration crowds.

At the top of the interview, Spicer spoke about how he got the gig as press secretary following the election. Kimmel then brought up the administration's infamously false claims about the size of the Donald Trump's inauguration crowd. Through nervous laughter, Spicer said, "If it was up to me, I would have probably worn a different suit. I thought I was going in on a Saturday morning to set my office up, get my computer, make sure the emails went out," adding, "The president wanted to make sure that the record got set straight."

After being asked about the president's obsession with size β€” wink, wink, etc. β€” Spicer pivoted and said, "Whether you voted for him or not, the president won the election. He faced a lot of headwinds. I think there was a faction of people out there that didn't want to give him the credit that he rightly deserved," adding, "I think he takes a lot of that sometimes personally." But Spicer also distanced himself quite a bit from the president's tweeting habits, saying he only advised the president on his tweets "maybe once or twice."

Though the former press secretary seems reflective about some of his regrets about the role, we can't forget that Spicer really was an invaluable member of the administration. He actively worked to validate Trump's neurotic behavior and it's honestly a little difficult to see him backtrack now.

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