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Tweets About Trump's Nasty Woman Comment

Women Are Clapping Back at Trump's "Nasty Woman" Comment in the Best Way Possible

It wasn't surprising that Donald Trump repeatedly interrupted Hillary Clinton during Wednesday night's debate. However, it was shocking when Trump interjected Clinton to call her "such a nasty woman." No one could have predicted a 70-year-old man would call the first female presidential candidate such a name during a debate, and yet here we are.

The moment happened when host Chris Wallace asked Clinton if she would increase taxes and cut benefit programs in order to save Social Security and Medicare. "My Social Security payroll contribution will go up, as will Donald's, assuming he can't figure out how to get out of it," she answered. As she continued, Trump chimed in to say, "Such a nasty woman."

Instead of succumbing to the absurdity of Trump's comment, women turned "nasty women" into a term to describe all of Clinton's success and celebrate bad-ass females everywhere. The URL now redirects to Clinton's campaign home page and there are also "nasty woman" shirts already available too.


Twitter reacted accordingly; here are some of the best posts tagged #NastyWoman.

Image Source: Getty / Robyn Beck
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