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Weatherman Cries During Solar Eclipse Coverage

This Weatherman's Emotional Reaction to the Eclipse Will Brighten Your Day

For many people across America today, the solar eclipse was a once-in-a-lifetime experience they'll never forget. It sounds like a cliche, but watching the solar eclipse with friends, family, and, for some, strangers is an unforgettable memory. It's how Tom Skilling, the chief meteorologist for WGN-TV, felt, as he couldn't help but cry as he reported on the event in Carbondale, IL.

The touching video, a clip from which you can see above, shows Skilling getting emotional as the solar eclipse reaches its totality. He hugs and high fives others as they all watch the event unfold, and apparently he even sang "Here Comes the Sun" by The Beatles. Then, as the solar eclipse finishes, Skilling tells viewers at home, "We've been told people start sobbing. For some, it's just a life-changing event and we may start doing that too." You can watch that clip ahead.

Skilling's emotional response to the solar eclipse has also made people on the internet start crying and understand how incredible this event was.

We hope to see Skilling cover the 2024 solar eclipse to remind us why it's so darn special.

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