The Emoji Sheriff Taking Over Social Media Is Here to Patrol the World's Problems

There's a new sheriff in town, and he's here to solve the world's biggest problems — at least, everything that can be solved by an emoji sheriff on the internet. The emoji sheriff has been spotted taking over social media, and like many bizarre internet trends, we're not quite sure why. What we do know is that he's made using a cowboy hat emoji, cowboy boots, two pointing fingers, and a body of symbols of whatever problem he's patrolling.

According to New York Magazine, comedian Brandon Wardell started the trend last month with a not-so-safe-for-work sheriff tweet, and it sparked a whole slew of problem-solving emoji characters. Now, we have emoji sheriffs tackling some of the world's biggest problems like health care, climate change, pettiness, and even assembling Ikea furniture!

Read on to see the emoji sheriff in action.

The Sheriff of G19

The Sheriff of Ikea

The Sheriff of Climate Change

The Sheriff of Respecting Women

The Sheriff of Nature

The Sheriff of Train Emoji

The Sheriff of Plants

The Sheriff of the Bees

The Sheriff of Kindness

The Sheriff of the Ocean

The Sheriff of the Only Developed Country Without Universal Health Care

The Sheriff of Pettiness

The Sheriff of Sheriffs