This Hospital Staff Clapped For Passing Protesters, and They Cheered "Thank You" in Response

Hospital staff come out to applaud #GeorgeFloyd protestors in New York - demonstrators shout back 'Thank You'.

— Sarah Walton (@SarahWaltonNews) June 2, 2020

Nationwide, people are protesting to fight police brutality and racism following the death of George Floyd. And while we honored (and continue to recognize) healthcare workers on the front lines during the COVID-19 crisis these past few months, this hospital staff returned the favor to demonstrators marching to fight. In this heartwarming video shared by Sarah Walton and Nadia Becir of Feature Story News, the hospital staff at NYU Langone's Perlmutter Cancer Center stood outside and clapped as a crowd of protesters passed by. In response to the cheers and support, the demonstrators responded with a collective "thank you."

"The protest I saw was completely peaceful and they received a lot of support from the public as they marched," said Walton, a correspondent for international news agency Feature Story News. "But this moment was particularly touching. Every night at 7 p.m. for the last few months, New Yorkers have clapped for the healthcare workers fighting COVID-19. These medics took the time to return that favor, clapping for those fighting for justice and equality."

The Black-led resistance started on May 26 in Minneapolis, in response to Floyd's death the day prior after white police officer Derek Chauvin pinned Floyd to the ground even as he couldn't breathe. Demonstrators then organized peaceful protests all over the world to express their outrage and demand justice for the lost lives of many Black Americans. Check out the above to watch the full video.