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Video: Reebok Calls For People to Vote For Those Who Can't

This Powerful Campaign Urges You to Vote For the Voices That Can't Be Heard This Election

Forecasts suggest that more than 150 million Americans will vote in the 2020 election — whether at the polls or by mail — and record turnout is predicted. But there are people who wish to weigh in this year and cannot cast their ballot. Reebok wants you to vote for them.

In a video released on Oct. 14, Reebok features people who cannot vote in the 2020 election: those who are green card holders, who live in US territories, who are under 18, or who have certain disabilities that legally prohibit them from participating. They're urging Americans who can vote to use their voice.

"I came into this country knowing that I can't vote," Ambry, a Reebok employee who is native to Bahamian, said in an article that further highlights those included in this call-to-action. "But I'm looking for people who can vote to help build a better US. I'm dependent on the people that I'm around to ensure that they are not just looking out for themselves, but also the people around them."

Marcus, a 16-year-old from Boston, wants to remind voters that "you're affecting the generation that's going to come right behind you." It's about keeping in mind the lasting impact this election will have. These people are exactly right: your vote is bigger than you.

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