Please Watch an Actor Get Constantly Interrupted by His Cat While Trying to Audition For a Role

Anyone who owns a cat knows that they seek out attention at the most inopportune times, like, um, when you have an important Zoom meeting with your boss! Recently, actor Wesley Ryan — who recently appeared in the "Angelica" tour of Hamilton — discovered just how difficult filming an audition tape from home can be thanks to his adorably needy Bengal, Odie. He shared his outtakes on TikTok, and let's just say the process didn't exactly go as planned.

"Trying to self tape when you have a cat..." he captioned the first clip, which involved an outfit change and a whole lot of bargaining with his four-legged friend. By far the most relatable line? When Wesley pleaded, "Can you stop for just a second? Please?"

Wesley followed up with a second video — this time with his shirt tucked in — and as expected, Odie was still not having it. As much as we can't blame Wesley for being annoyed with the constant interruptions, these videos may end up being more entertaining than the audition tape itself! Anyone who's suddenly become obsessed with Odie can follow his adventures on Instagram.