This Woman Captures All the Activities Her Cats Do With Their Dad, and Talk About FOMO

It deeply irritates me that my five cats prefer my husband over me. As the person who jumped through hoops to rescue each and every one off the streets, I expect a little more appreciation. But as much as I hate to admit it, seeing my kitties snuggle up with my husband warms my heart sometimes. And according to the TikTok account, @dontstopmeowing — which is run by a couple named Kareem and Fifi — I'm not the only one who gets left out during cuddle sessions.

Dedicated to chronicling the day-to-day lives of their three cats — Chase, Skye, and Millie — Fifi often captures Kareem doing crazy activities with their four-legged friends. Whether they're enjoying a bath together, having a spa day, or playing in the park, it seems like Fifi is routinely on the outside looking in. Scroll ahead to see some of their incredible videos that prove these kitties may have a favorite parent.

Funny Videos of Chase, Skye, and Millie With Kareem