A Man Filmed His Cats "Fighting" to the Drum-Set Scene From Step Brothers, and Yep, Nailed It!

When Step Brothers came out in 2008, it was pretty much the only thing students at my high school talked about. Given Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly's onscreen chemistry and the fact that certain parts are almost too easy to quote, I have heard zillions of jokes about the iconic drum-set scene over the years. Although the occasional one-liner is pretty funny, Nickolas VanLoon's TikTok of his two orange kitties "fighting" over a drum set takes the cake in the humor department.

Set to the audio of the unforgettable conversation that transpires between Brennan (Ferrell) and Dale (Reilly), viewers get to watch as a fluffy cat playfully attacks their sibling over the hilarious "offense" of touching their drum set. The clip is appropriately captioned, "DID YOU TOUCH MY DRUMSET!!," and I have admittedly already watched it nine times.

The video is timed to the movie's audio perfectly, and it makes me remember how funny the line "Get out of my face or I'm going to roundhouse your ass!" truly is. Talk about an iconic movie scene!