These Foster Pet Close-Up Pics Are Guaranteed to Make You Cry Happy Tears

It all began with a Weimaraner and a Miniature Dachshund named Harlow and Sage, who were as close as two pups could be. However, when Sage passed away in 2013, Harlow was in need of a new BFF, which she found in another Miniature Dachshund named Indiana Thunderbolt. A year later, another Miniature Dachshund named Reese Lightning joined their clique, and since then, Harlow's crew has only continued to grow.

When Brittni Vega started sharing the adventures of Harlow and Sage, she could have never imagined the Instagram account would eventually rack up nearly two million followers. But Brittni doesn't just love her own pups — she and her husband, Jeff, also started working with a rescue organization called Nuzzles & Co. in 2017. After building their own crew, the Vegas began welcoming fosters into their home as well, including many dogs with special needs or pups too young to be adopted, and Brittni started a new account to document Harlow and her foster siblings. "It was an extremely positive experience for our family," Brittni explained in an interview with Country Living. "Our three dogs, Harlow, Indiana, and Reese, all bonded with the puppies and helped tremendously with the puppy training process."

The couple now works with Nuzzles on a daily basis, photographing all of Nuzzles' adoptable animals in Brittni's trademark, close-up style in order to help all those rescue dogs and cats find homes. Their Instagram account, @harlowandfosters, features pics of Harlow, Indiana, Reese, and all of their new foster friends — and if these pics don't make you melt, then we don't know what will.