Name a Cuter Duo Than Dan Levy and His Rescue Dog, Redmond — We'll Wait

Ready for your heart to melt into a pile of mush? Then you've come to the right place, 'cause we're shining a spotlight on Dan Levy and his too-cute-for-words rescue dog, Redmond. The Schitt's Creek star adopted his dachshund-corgi mix pup back in 2012 when Red was 4 years old, and it sounds like it's changed both of their lives for the better. "He had been mistreated and abandoned at an adoption fair in Los Angeles," Dan explained in an Instagram post last year. "Finding him was the greatest thing that ever happened to me." Please excuse us for a moment while we wipe away happy tears.

Speaking of Dan's Instagram, if you scroll back far enough, you'll discover that it's a freakin' treasure trove of peeks into his laid-back life at home with Redmond. Through the years, he's shared a boatload of cuddly Redmond selfies, solo shots, and sassy side-eyed pictures, and each one makes us smile from ear to ear. Ahead, take a look back at all the sweet photos of Dan and his furry friend being the best of pals.

Pictures of Dan Levy's Rescue Dog, Redmond

Let's start off by throwing things back to Dan's very first day with Redmond — look at those smiles!

Imagine coming home to this excited face waiting for you.

Redmond appears to be a biiig fan of slobbery kisses. Here's exhibit A . . .

. . . exhibit B . . .

. . . exhibit C . . .

. . . and an especially adorable exhibit D.

Don't worry — Redmond is the recipient of the smoothes sometimes, too.

Don't you wish you could just nuzzle up in there with those two?

But sometimes Redmond gets in his ~moods~.

He's mastered the art of a throwing more shade than an umbrella.

Redmond's always ready for his close-up, as you can see.

Strike that pose!

This caption is too cute for words.

Meanwhile, we totally read this caption in Dan's voice — HBU?

Aww! It looks like Redmond used to visit Dan on the set of Schitt's Creek.

Dan regularly calls Redmond his "best pal," and we love that journey for them.

Oh, the things we'd do to run into Redmond and Dan on a hike.

Redmond was clearly thrilled to rock this chic garbage bag outfit.

Excuse us while we frame this photo.

Behold: the real sleeping beauty.

They've got the dramatic facial expressions down.

"Of course I didn't chew on your shoelaces, dad." — Redmond, probably.

OK, how soft does Redmond's fur look though?

This could pass as an advertisement for that cozy blanket, because we desperately want to buy it now.

You can practically feel the joy radiating from Dan's smile in this snap.

Even with a botched haircut, he looks cute as a button.

Redmond is the king of napping.

Invite us on the next Redmond walk, OK, Dan?

Seriously, could this dog give us some photo tips? 'Cause he's a pro at being in front of the camera.

Time for more snuggles!

The only thing that'd make this photo better would be if Redmond were wearing matching sunglasses.

This selfie is making our hearts soar.

Yep, that's Eugene Levy's hand petting sweet lil' Redmond — *swoons*!

BRB, attempting to Photoshop ourselves into this one.

10/10, would purchase a print of this picture.

Eternally jealous of all these snuggles they share.

Redmond must be a Friends fan, because he's rocking the heck out of "the Rachel" haircut.

They just might be the most photogenic celebrity-dog duo on this planet.

Still waiting for you to name a better duo than Redmond and Dan.