Meet Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s 3 Fur Babies: An Alaskan Klee Kai, a Golden, and a Corgi

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner became parents to a baby girl named Willa in July, but the pair have been pet parents since late 2017. Although the couple has remained fairly tight-lipped when it comes to Willa, they both share photos and videos of their adorable pups on social media every so often.

Keep reading to learn more about Joe and Sophie's fur brood, including their late puppy, Waldo, who died in a tragic accident in July 2019.

Porky Basquiat Jonas

Joe and Sophie got their first dog together, an Alaskan Klee Kai named Porky, in September 2017. Sophie announced his joining the family with an adorable photo captioned, "Meet the newest addition to the krew @porkybasquiat," which also shared the pup's Instagram handle.

Joe shared a bit about how the couple landed on Porky's name in an episode of Today's "My Pet Tale." "Porky was a surprise . . . for Sophie, and it was kind of a mistake because the name came from her wanting a Pomsky. And I misheard what she said, so I thought she was saying that's the name of the dog she wanted." Joe also shared that Porky is "a maniac" and needs a lot of play time because he's extremely energetic.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas's Golden Retriever

Shortly after losing Waldo, Sophie and Joe brought home a Golden Retriever puppy who is rumored to be named Penelope.

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas's Corgi

On Aug. 26, in honor of National Dog Day, Joe shared a photo of his fur "squad," which seemed to include a new member, a Corgi who was first seen on a walk with the couple in April. The pup's name hasn't yet been revealed, but we hope to see more of this cutie soon!

Waldo Picasso Jonas

Sophie and Joe added a second fur baby to the party on April 16 2018, another Alaskan Klee Kai named Waldo (pictured left). On Porky's account, under a photo of himself and Waldo, was the caption: "I'd like to make an announcement. Me, my parents and I have adopted my actual brother from the same litter. Please welcome my little brother @waldopicassojonas."

In July 2019, just a month after Sophie and Joe exchanged vows (for the second time) in France with their two dogs by their side, the couple shared that Waldo was killed in a "freak accident" when he was reportedly struck by a car in NYC after escaping his leash.

A week later, both Sophie and Joe got realistic tattoos to memorialize Waldo. On an Instagram Story post sharing her tattoo, Sophie wrote: "I miss you, Waldo. Rest In Peace, my little baby." Joe shared his matching tattoo alongside the caption, "R.I.P. my little angel."

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