These DIY Cat Toys Are Easy to Make — and So Fun For Your Feline Friend

Most cat owners will do anything to ensure their favorite feline is happy and healthy. Sometimes this means spoiling the sassy furball with DIY cat toys — a cheap, creative way to entertain your cat while unleashing your craftiness. Not only does making your own fun and frugal cat toys save you money but it allows you to repurpose everyday household items. Ranging from puzzles to wands, your home is a gold mine for DIY cat toys. In fact, more often than not, homemade toys are better than store-bought toys. After all, they are made with love. Here are 15 easy-to-DIY cat toys that are purr-worthy for your furry companion.

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T-Shirt Cat Toy

Made entirely from recycled t-shirts, these adorable bow toys from Richland Library will keep your cat coming back to play again and again.

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Knotty Spider

Every cat owner knows how important it is to exercise their cat's natural instincts and play needs. This knotty spider (from Friskies, so you know it's good!) is a lightweight toy constructed out of felt and a plastic ring from a milk container, making it the great for swatting, pouncing, and playing the day away


Wine Cork Cat Toys

Cats love to play with toys of all kinds, especially ones with feathers. These wine cork toys will help stimulate play and allow your cat to use his natural instincts in appropriate play. Find the full instructions on Staying Close to Home.


T-Shirt Cat Tent

Whether it's in a drawer or cabinet, one thing is for sure: cats like to hide. So instead of donating that old t-shirt you don't use anymore, upcycle it into another spot for your cat to hide. Find the full instructions on Instructables.

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Cat Puzzle Toy

A bored cat is not a happy cat. Fashioning together a box and paper injection mold, this puzzle box from Cat Lessons will keep your furry friend mentally stimulated.

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Cat Treat Dispenser

We all love treats, and cats are no expectation. Instead of throwing out empty water bottles, upcycle them into treat dispensers like this one to keep your cat happy and engaged.

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Wand Cat Toys

Nothing keeps cats energized and entertained like interactive toys. Using materials like dowels, string, ribbon, hot glue, thread, felt, pom-poms, and feathers, these cat wands from Minimalist Vegan Lifestyle will grab the attention of even the laziest of cats.

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Cat Scratcher

From stretching their bodies to sharpening their claws, all cats need a good scratching post. And once finished, this post from Cat Lessons is sure to pique your cat's interest, giving him an appropriate area to scratch.

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Catnip Blanket

Although not all cats are affected by catnip, it does send most cats into blissville. Once made, this adorable catnip blanket from Online Fabric Store will stimulate your cat's senses, sending him into a licking and kicking frenzy.

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Assorted Ball Cat Toys

We all know how much some cats love to chase balls. Toss these multicolored balls from Cat Lessons onto the floor, and watch your kitty play a fun game of chase and catch.

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Toilet Paper Rolls Cat Toys

There's no denying that cats love to paw things around, which is why you should make these cute toilet paper rolls toys from CatPusic Academy. They'll entertain your furball for hours.

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Self Petting Station

Most cats love to headbutt or nuzzle objects and people. That's why your kitty will love the self-petting station (created by Friskies). Made with toilet-bowl brushes, this project will entice your kitty with its massage-like qualities.

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Rocket Mice Cat Toys

Serve your kitty these mice, and you're sure sure to curl his whiskers. All you need is felt, stuffing, and catnip to make your home a feline paradise with this tutorial from The Pet Collective.


Cardboard Cat Play Box

The idea of a plain, brown box may not seem appealing to us, but cats love them. Add some dangly excitement by attaching pipe cleaners to the box, and suddenly this cat playpen will become the purrfect place for your cat to chill. See the full instructions on Charleston Crafted.

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Sock Snake Cat Toy

Spoil your favorite feline with this adorable shaped sock toy! Stuffed with paper tissue, paper bag strips, and tiny bells (for a boost of fun), this toy from Furball Fables will quickly become the main attraction in your home.