An Owner Asks His Naughty Pup, "What Did You Do?," but Isn't the Answer Pretty Obvious?!

I have often come home to a mess that was obviously perpetrated by my dog, but because there was no actual proof, my pup just saunters around the house like she committed the perfect crime. There's a good chance that a Golden Doodle named Berkeley may have also gotten away with destroying pillows, shredding shoes, and ripping up bags of garbage without a shred of evidence to pin him to the crimes, but not this time!

When Berkeley's owner Justin — who has an aptly titled @naughty_berkeley Instagram account for his pup — came home to find his indoor palm tree completely destroyed, it didn't take a detective to uncover that the naughty dog was behind it all. In a video, which showed soil and leaves scattered on the floor, the camera panned to Berkeley, who up and got his head stuck in the plant's wicker pot.

"What did you do, Berk?" Justin asked, even though the answer was quite clear. "You're a monster."

Here's hoping Berkeley takes a bit more care to cover up his house-plant-related crimes in the future.