This Dog Refusing to Get Out of Bed Is Honestly Me Every Monday Morning

Anyone who's ever owned a big dog knows that they're generally dopey cuddlebugs who have no idea how much room they take up. My 5-year-old Black Labrador, Yogi, for example, enjoys sitting on my head when he's feeling lonely in the middle of the night. And apparently, an American Bully owner named Mikey knows my struggle well because his pup Prince Simba has a hard time leaving Mikey's bed.

In a now-viral video making its rounds on Twitter, Mikey shared just how stubborn Prince Simba can be, and yep, I've been there. He captioned the clip, "So my dog know he not supposed to be on my bed but he sneaks on it and does this," which has racked up over six million views since being shared on Oct. 13. While Prince Simba is certainly an expert at playing dead and should probably just be left to snooze in peace like the angel we're sure he is, it's beyond amusing to watch Mikey attempt to heave him off the bed. Gotta love big dogs, right?