People Are Using Treats to Get Dogs to Dance in Sunglasses, and I Could Watch These All Day

There's something mesmerizing about watching a trendy dance on TikTok that makes it so listening to the short song clip over and over never gets old. So even though I've listened to the same seven seconds of "Banana" by DJ Fle approximately 300 times today alone, I can't stop, as the song is accompanied by dogs dancing in sunglasses in a large portion of the videos available on TikTok.

In each video, a pup is shown with sunglasses resting atop its perfect, furry, angelic head, and as soon as the music says "Drop," their owners are using treats and hand signals to get their doggo to look down, thus dropping the sunglasses onto their eyes. Their reactions are what make the videos too good not to watch over and over: some simply sit there looking chill, while others "dance" around a bit to the beat.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite TikTok videos of dogs in sunglasses dancing to "Banana." You won't regret it!

Videos of Dogs in Sunglasses Dancing to "Banana" on TikTok