These Good VSCO Boys Prove There's No Such Thing as Too Many Scrunchies

Any VSCO girl can tell you that certain accessories are needed to achieve the VSCO girl aesthetic: a puka shell necklace, Birkenstocks or checkered Vans, a Hydro Flask, and — most importantly — lots and lots of scrunchies, for both your hair and your wrists. If you're going to put your hair in a bun, the only way to do it is with a scrunchie, and that's exactly what Cooper and Murphy of @themgoldenboys_ did on TikTok. The two pups took on the "put it in a bun" challenge, but rather than using a single scrunchie to get their edges back, Cooper and Murphy used all of the scrunchies, making VSCO girls everywhere proud.

If you're wondering where exactly the "put it in a bun" challenge came from, you can thank Cute Shii, who posted a video called "I Got Hair" on YouTube back in June 2018 with her own original lyrics and the music from LL Cool J's 2009 bop, "I Need Love." Now TikTok users everywhere are showing off how well their pets can "put it in a bun," though we're pretty sure that no one can beat Cooper and Murphy. Way to go, you two good boys. Now you just need a couple of Fjällrävan backpacks and Pura Vida bracelets and you'll be good to go.