An English Mastiff Caused His Owner's Lounger Chair to Tip Over . . . With Them Both in It

An overexcited English Mastiff really wanted to cuddle with his owner, who was sitting in a large lounger chair, so the dog made it happen . . . by jumping up onto the chair with such force, he knocked the entire thing over. In a now-viral video posted to Facebook, Marybeth Parker shared the aftermath of Herbert's big jump — his long legs dangling over the edge of the upturned chair, tail wagging, while the rest of his giant body pinned Marybeth's partner, Mitch, to his chair. "Did you tip us over? Yeah, you tipped the whole entire couch over," says Mitch, who is clearly squished under the weight of his content dog. Marybeth adds simply, "Oh, Herbert."

Oh, Herbert, indeed. See the whole hilarious video above.