I'm Sorry, but Why Didn't Anyone Ever Tell Me Owls Run Like This?

There's nothing quite like a cute animal video to brighten your day, but how about one that's both cute and pretty hilarious? A kind soul shared this video on Reddit of an owl running, and you know what? I knew they had legs under the wings and the feathers, but I guess I never realized just how long those legs were.

Maybe owl-lovers were already privy to this tip that owls have long legs, but for me, well, it was news. Correct me if I'm wrong, but does it not look like this owl is a proper lady who is hiking up her skirt before skipping across the road?

One commenter on Reddit put it ever so precisely when they wrote, "Yeah, owls are like 70 percent legs, 30 percent floof." So perhaps this is why I love this so much — after all, the more floof the better. This video in particular has been shared around the internet a few times, and this posting alone has over 67K upvotes on Reddit. It feels safe to assume that maybe I'm not the only one whose mind was blown by what it looks like when owls run. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to continue my journey of watching animal videos with these ridiculous Golden Retriever ones next.