Based on This Video of a Chihuahua in a Witch Costume, I'm Assuming He's Casting an Evil Spell on His Owners

I dress my dog up in a Halloween costume every year, and every year, I'm made acutely aware that my dog genuinely wants absolutely no part of it whatsoever. I imagine this is the case with most of the gussied-up pets filling my Instagram feed this month.

But if there's a pup out there who more noticeably loathes being squeezed into ridiculous costumes than Gizmo the Chihuahua, I implore you to show me. This tiny dog can't even remotely hide his displeasure over being forced into a witch costume — and there's a video to prove it (just click to the next slide of the Instagram post to see).

In the clip — which is aptly captioned, "witch way to the coven" — the dog wears a pointy black hat and spiderweb cape while "riding" a broomstick. By the look in his eyes, it's clear Gizmo — like most dogs throughout October — is truly embarrassed by his owner. Well, Gizmo, on behalf of pet parents everywhere, I want to say . . . just wait and see the ugly Christmas sweaters we found for you!