Spotify Will Help You Create a Custom Playlist For Your Pet — Here's How!


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♬ Heaven Falls / Fall On Me - Surfaces

Have you ever wondered if your pet might need some music as they go about their day? Perhaps something soothing to keep them calm while you run to the store? Or maybe an energetic track to accompany afternoon playtime? Well, Spotify's got you covered. They'll help you create a custom playlist for your pet, perfectly curated to suit their personality.

Though it's been available for a bit, the tool has been circulating on TikTok lately — here's how to get in on the action! You'll need to head to to get started (and be logged into your Spotify account on your browser). First, select the kind of pet you're crafting a playlist for (their preset animals are dogs, cats, iguanas, birds, and hamsters), then evaluate your pet's attitude. Are they relaxed or energetic? Shy or friendly? Apathetic or curious? Finally, you'll have the option to upload a photo of your BFF and share their name — then you'll be presented with a custom Spotify playlist, perfectly curated for you and your pet.

While I don't have a pet yet (a fact that makes me a little sad every day), COVID-19 has given me a chance to hang out with my roommate's dog more than ever before — an empathetic, energetic, and silly dog named Ollie — so I did what any dog aunt would do and made him a playlist instead. It includes a mix of songs I've already saved (like "Positions" by Ariana Grande and "Angel Eyes" by the Mamma Mia! film cast — don't judge, Christine Baranski is perfection) as well as new-to-me artists that I'm excited to explore. Overall, the playlist I got for Ollie is fun, poppy, and exciting, much like the pup himself! Head over to Spotify to try it, then feel free to host a pet dance party . . . it's what I'll be doing on my lunch break.