I Can't Stop Oohing and Aahing Over How Precious Lucy Hale's Dogs Are

When Lucy Hale posted that her Instagram @lucyhale was basically one big "Elvis fan account," I laughed so hard. Pictures of her sweet, cuddly white dog, Elvis, and her newest addition to the family, little Ethel, fill her grid with happiness and love. You can tell Hale is such a good dog mama, taking her pups on picnics, hikes, Easter egg hunts, DIY spa days, TV sets, coffee runs, and pretty much everywhere else. I mean, who can blame her? Her dogs are just so dang photogenic. (The one of Elvis lying on his back, smiling at the camera wrecked me. Seriously, so cute.) Hale's two white dogs remind me of Selena Gomez's fluffy dogs, and if they ever had a doggy playdate, the pictures would literally be too cute to handle. If you want to get lost admiring the fluffiest, happiest, most adorable little pups, then slide through the pictures of Elvis and Ethel ahead. Then start your own Elvis fan account, because really, how could you not?