These Hilarious Dog and Hooman Twins Might Just Inspire You to Find Your Own Furry Match

Dog-lovers, hold onto your hearts. Because these furry friends are twinning with their owners so fantastically hard, it just might tempt you to rush off to your local animal shelter in search of your long lost canine clone. And it'll definitely make your whole day.

Dog-owner resemblance is a phenomenon so entertaining, it inspires contests, costumes, memes, and hashtags. Some psychologists theorize that it transcends narcissism and familiarity — possibly having bled over from the way humans often choose partners who resemble them — believing it will increase the likeliness of their genes being compatible for procreation. Regardless, the following bonds are so reeking with hilarity, synergy, and love, it is guaranteed to have tails wagging all over the world.

So if you fancy a heartwarming dose of dog humor, ahead is the perfect place to paw around.

Rosenberg and Topher

Everything is better when their shag comes together.

Diva Dolly and Her Mom

Somebody has been groomed to become the proud heir to her owner's sass.

Enya and Ole

This tender dog-owner moment is brought to you by two best friends and their identical beards. You're welcome.

Phoebe and Holly

Clearly, this poodle is her owner's most sanctioned muse. Also her wardrobe.

Hugo and Jenni

Even across green pastures and wooded landscapes, this French Bulldog can find his mirror image.

Rio and Charles

Wind in the fur, fetch on the brain. No matter where they go, their expressions are the same.

Alicia and Her BFF

It's always Golden Hour when these two come together.

Elle and Pascale

Make no bones about it: these two blondes are for sure having all the fun.

Storm and His Hooman

Gazes fixed, jaws poised. Two twin souls in search of faraway things.

Chesney and Her Mom

I'm not smiling, you're smiling.

Aro and His Pal

Just hanging around, thinking that there are no bad days with you.

Queenie and Max

It's a "ruff" world out there, human friends. Go find yourself a furry mate who is the epitome of you.

Fernando and Ale

One of the most valuable lessons Fernando's owner ever taught him is that if you can't bark nicely, you shouldn't bark at all.