The #BestBellyChallenge Is the Latest Excuse to Show Off Your Adorable Pets

The very best thing about having an 18-pound cat is reaching out to pet his belly while he's lounging around on the rug. Although he'll only tolerate my attention for mere seconds before giving me a love nip, getting a handful of my four-legged friend's paunch is one of the greatest feelings ever.

Recently, a new wholesome social media challenge centering on pets' bellies has caught the eyes of pet owners everywhere. Referred to as The #BestBellyChallenge, people are sharing impossibly adorable photos of their felines with it all hanging out. From kitties who enjoy sitting like humans to cats who are all sprawled out, we pray these challenge pictures keep on coming.

Scroll ahead to get a look at some of our favorite photos of The #BestBellyChallenge so far!

Photos From The #BestBellyChallenge