I Can't Stop Staring at These Perfectly in Sync Pit Bull Brothers — They're SO Well Trained!

As silly as some of our four-legged friends can be, these two cute Pit Bulls from Lithuania are all business when it comes to obeying their human's commands, and they're so in sync that it's almost robotic! In a video shared to Instagram by their trainer, Vladimir Almazov, Titan and Perseus proved that they're not just good boys but great boys by obeying Vladimir's commands at precisely the same time. Look at how in sync they are — it's mesmerizing!

When they aren't sitting and standing for treats, the 3-year-old brothers are busy being champion sports dogs who participate in international events like wall climbing, long jumps, sprinting, and more. Keep scrolling to see even more sweet videos and moments of the two lovable and talented pups ahead.