Twitter Is Trying to Track Down the Person Who Recorded This Adorable Dog Head-Banging to ’90s Hip-Hop

Who made this? It's on a random ganker's channel but it's the best video in the history of the internet and the creator must be honored.

— Rob Beschizza (@Beschizza) November 1, 2019

Does hearing the '90s hip-hop song "Jump Round" by House of Pain make you lose your f*cking mind? Because it definitely makes one poodle lose theirs! We spotted this video on Twitter this morning after a user shared it desperate to track down the original owner of the footage. While our investigation into who the original cameraperson was proved to be a bust, and the music was likely layered in after the footage was taken, we are thoroughly enjoying watching this energetic dog rock out in his little box. More of this, please! Oh, and turn the volume up.