TikTok's "Call Your Dog" Challenge Has Some Pups Losing Their Damn Minds

At this point, dogs are probably so over our sh*t. In the past year alone, TikTok has spawned countless challenges inspiring pet owners to prank their furry friends, and now there's yet another to add to the collection. Dubbed the "Call Your Dog" Challenge, the trend involves repeatedly yelling your pup's name when they're sitting right next to you to see how they react, and of course, recording the entire scene.

Some doggos blankly stare at their human, likely thinking to themselves, "What the heck is wrong with you? I'm right here!" Others start looking around dubiously, joining in on the search for themselves. And a few appear to go through full-blown existential crises, doing everything they can to notify their owner that they aren't invisible and still exist. Ahead, watch some of our favorite videos that the entertaining challenge has blessed us with thus far. How will your dog react when you try this one at home?