TikTok Has a Solution For Distracting Laptop Cats

Does your cat love climbing onto your laptop and being a cute distraction during the work day? You're not alone. One TikTok user discovered how cats love to mirror their owners, which explains why yours might love plopping themselves directly onto your workspace. Luckily, there's an easy solution for those who don't have the heart to move them away — all you have to do is give your cat their own laptop. This savvy hack has quickly become a TikTok trend among cat owners.

It's been widely shared using the hashtag #LaptopCat, where owners occupy their cat with a separate computer just for them so you can work in peace. While some lucky people seem to have an extra computer on hand, others have had to get creative. Whether it be buying their cat a fake computer or creating a makeshift laptop with things laying around the house, the results are hilariously adorable. If anything, it's also proof that giving your cat their own work-from-home setup can be a practical solution that helps to keep mirroring cats at bay.

Here are 19 of the best #LaptopCat videos on TikTok.


He's Got a Lot of Business to Take Care Of

If you have a second laptop sitting around the house, consider putting it next to yours like this TikTok user did. This is a prime example of how your cat is supposed to act when you join in on the #LaptopCat trend.


We Love Coworking

Don't have an extra laptop for your cat? You don't need one. See the creative alternative this TikTok user found instead, and try it for yourself.


It Actually Works

Here's a great video depicting what it's like before and after this owner discovered the laptop-for-cat trend.


This Turned Out Way Cuter Than I Was Expecting

It would be hard for anyone to get work done with this adorable black cat sitting on your notes and keyboard. Luckily, the cat was given its own workspace and looks professional as ever.


She’s a Very Important Businesswoman

The struggle is definitely real for this cat owner. But it seems the owner found some time to be productive, thanks to the #LaptopCat life hack.


Tiny MacBook

Why bother giving your cat a real laptop when a fake one will do just fine? See how this cat adorably interacts with a mini MacBook.


Problem Solved

This cat thinks its owner's workspace is a cozy place to nap. Luckily, it seems to be just as happy with the owner's creative arrangement on the floor.


She Just Wants to Watch The Office

This owner not only set up their cat with a laptop, but also included quality entertainment. Who knew cats were also fans of The Office?


Neffy Loves the Keyboard

Apparently you don't need an entire computer for your cat to successfully mirror you. For this cat, all it needs is a keyboard.


Now She Wants a MacBook Pro

This cat is spoiled after having its own laptop. It's also proof that you don't need to actually turn the computer on for this hack to work.


Working That 9-5

Cats can make themselves comfortable anywhere. And in this TikTok, the cat makes the laptop look like the comfiest place to take a snooze.


She’s Such a Good Lil Worker

This video starts with a cat walking along its owner's laptop, then making itself comfy on a second laptop just for it.


As You Can See, I’m Already Missing a Key on Mine From Her

This TikTok shows off the two places where cats love to hangout: the countertops and your computer.


Businessman Dex

Dexter the cat is adorably dressed for the part of a 9-5 office worker in his stylish blue sweater. Now, all he needs is a laptop.


A Productive Gray Kitten

How could anyone get work done with a tiny kitten in the same room? This owner solved that problem by giving this youngster its own laptop.


Scratching Post Laptop

This might be the most ideal fake-laptop to give your cat. Watch this owner's solution to stop their cat from using the computer as a scratching post.


Simba Wasn’t Very Excited About His New MacBook Air

This cat looks quite professional sitting next to its mini laptop, but might still prefer the one its owner uses.


I Think My Coworker Might Need to Start Wearing His Glasses

This owner officially has a work-from-home coworker. Not only does this cat have its own laptop with entertainment, but it's also dressed the part with a professional necktie.


Gotta Keep Working For That 4.0 GPA

Like a lot of people, this cat owner was skeptical about the #LaptopCat trend actually working. Lucky for them, the cat seems to really love it.